Cleaning Washing Machine Vinegar

Cleaning Washing Machine Vinegar-Involved Methods

Cleaning washing machine vinegar is not a new thing in nowadays, even though cleaning the washing machine sounds so out of sense. However, this is an important task because that machine is used for washing your clothes every day.

Instead of using certain chemical substances that could give side effect to the machine parts, here we have some tips to clean the washing machine with something you can find in the kitchen: vinegar.

Top Load washing machine

Cleaning a top load washing machine is practically simple and easy. All you need to prepare is some cleaning cloths and a bottle of white vinegar. Do not forget to follow these steps below.

• Set your washer into the highest temperature, longest cycle, and highest capacity;

• Put four cups of white vinegar into the water and close the lid before letting the machine agitates for a couple of minutes;

• Open the lid (to make the machine stops) and let it sit for one hour or two. This aims to let the vinegar expels the bacteria inside the nooks and crannies as well as the hoses in the machine.

After the cycle is completely run with the vinegar solution, you stop the machine. If the washing machine is pretty dirty, you can repeat the process. It is true if the vinegar does a good job when it comes to removing any buildup of dirt and mineral. Other than that, it could also soften the soap scum as well as another residue in the hoses and washed. All you need to do is letting the machine agitates for a couple of minutes for the white vinegar solution.

Front Load washing machine

This type of washing machine came later after the top-load type. It gets its popularity, after all, considering its efficiency and cleaning ability. However, some owners report that they got stinky laundry. On the other hand, cleaning the interior with extra detergent would not help too. This is the time for you to use the white vinegar. The steps are similar to the top-load washing machine.

• Set your machine into the hot water. But if the machine does not have the option of hot water, you can choose the “stain” or “white” setting for the cycle;

• Choose the “extra rinse” option but if the machine does not have it then you can skip this step;

• Put ¾ cup of white vinegar inside the bleach dispenser. You can also refill it until the maximum level of the dispenser;

• Let the cycle to run until it has done;

• In order to make sure that there is no vinegar left in the washer, you can select the additional cycle of rinsing manually.

After the interior part is done, you can also clean the softener and bleach dispensers. You just need to clean it with soap and warm water to remove any residue in the dispenser. Do not forget to dry them thoroughly before putting them in its place. So, this is all you need to know about cleaning washing machine vinegar.

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Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner

Why Should You Choose Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner?

Diswasher cleaner

Affresh dishwasher cleaner is an innovative product to clean and maintain your dishwasher. It is another brilliant product from Affresh launched to meet the needs of the consumers related to dishwasher cleaner. You may never think of cleaning your dishwasher before easily. The things you think are about big pieces of foods trapped in the channel of a dishwasher. It must be cleaned to make it stay hygienic.

Removing Rubbish and Unpleasant Odor

Removing the residue of the foods looks difficult to do from the dishwasher. However, if you don’t clean it, it is causing the rubbish and unpleasant odor from the trapped foods. The unpleasant odor will disturb your nose because it produces the scary odor. You actually may get confused on how to do it. To overcome that problem, Affresh dishwasher cleaner is an ultimate choice to remove the unpleasant odor and aroma from the dishwasher.

Being a Recommended Dishwasher Cleaner

The dishwasher cleaner is safe for septic tank, a dishwasher, and disposal channel. It is a number one dishwasher cleaner recommended to handle those problems easily and quickly. There are no other products on the market removing the residue of the food rubbish and bad aroma from the dishwasher. It is running effectively to clean unvisible particles causing the odor.

Cleaning the dishwasher is one of the difficult jobs to do. You have to open it and take all pieces of food out from the dishwasher. When you don’t clean it longer, it gets your dishwasher worse because there are many pieces of foods trapped there. Most of the people prefer using detergent to solve this problem but it doesn’t work really well.

Easy to Use

Affresh dishwasher cleaner is a recommended product to use easily. To kick out the bad odor, this cleaner is easy to do. You only put tablets of this cleaner to the soap container. The tablet is put under the dishwasher and run in the longest and hottest cycle. In minutes, your dishwasher will smell clean and fresh. Even, it affects all areas of your house. You will love it. There is no number of scrubbing in the dishwasher making all home areas smell bad.

When the cleaning process with Affresh has finished, it is time to refill the dishwasher and start to carry out the other cycles. The plates are out cleanly in the first trial and even the next trial. This product is really working along the time. After you run it for a week, it still works effectively. It makes your food and cooking equipment to remove cleanly. It throws all specks of dirt gathered in the dishwasher for years.

The dishwasher operates like a new one. It makes you love to wash your dish and plates today. The tablets of Affresh are available in one pouch with 6 tablets. It can be used for 2 to 3 months. The fun tablets are saving time and money to prevent the unpleasant odor to come back. This is a brilliant idea by spending $5.99 for grabbing Affresh dishwasher cleaner.

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Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner

Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner: The Right Product to Clean Your Washing Machine

Affresh washing machine cleaner is a product designed to clean your washing machine. It is designed to penetrate, dissolve, and remove reside being a causing factor of an unpleasant odor happened in all washing machine products. There are some positive reviews and opinions on why you should use this product.

Special Formulation

The tablet is specially formulated to dissolve slowly, last for the longest time along the cycle of the washing process, and break the residue better than the whiter. With a special formula, it is effectively cleaning the plaque on the washing machine. It is also safe to use for the top efficiency level washing machine and conventional washing machine. It is recommended for keeping the cleanliness of your washing machine.

If you want to keep the cleanliness, you can use it once a month. It is helpful to maintain your washing machine cleaner and fresher. This product has an expired date for two years from the printed production date on the item. It is secure for your septic tank so that it is multifunctional.

Preventing Residue and Unpleasant Odor

Affresh washing machine cleaner is a special cleaner product for some purposes. This is useful to clean and prevent residue due to an unpleasant odor. The bad odor can happen to all kinds of washing machines. Meanwhile, if you use a whiter product, it only kills the bacteria causing the unpleasant odor and leaving the detergent residue. This washer cleaner takes surfactant chemical compound to remove root problems in the washing machine. This is a formulated tablet, slow dissolving, and foam to clean residue. It only leaves a fresh and clean odor in the washing machine.

To clean a washing machine, you only put a tablet of this Affresh washing machine cleaner in the washing basket without the clothes inside. Then, run a normal cycle or heat option. This is enabling to make the septic tank clean and fresh. This is safe for all components of the washing machine. You may use it once a month to keep the washing machine clean and fresh. The package includes six tablets. You must note that the date on the package is a production date, not the expired date.


This washing machine cleaner is easy to use and run a great performance in cleaning the washing machine. It also removes odor effectively. There are some pros and positive opinions about this product. It offers high effectiveness to remove unpleasant odor and residue very well. In addition, it is very eco-friendly so that you don’t contaminate the environment while using this product. The product and package are biodegradable so that it can be degraded by the soil.

Offering A Product in a Tablet Shape with Competitive Price

This product is effective to reduce the residue of mineral and detergent making the interior of the washing machine look dirty. It can change it to be shining, clean, and smell good. This product is able to remove fungus and plaque on the washing machine. It is a new innovation in a tablet shape so that it is easily used. It removes inhalation and liquid splash in the washing machine. It is available in one pouch with 6 tablets in which it is sold at the competitive price about $1 per a package. Those positive opinions will convince you to choose Affresh washing machine cleaner.

Smelly Washer

Knowing how to Deal with a Smelly Washer is a Way to Preserve Your Washing Machine

A smelly washer will be very irritating. High-quality detergent and perfumed fresher to make clothes become more comfortable to wear will be useless with smelly washers. Just know the causes.

The causes of a washing machine to get smelly

Knowing the causes of smelly odor to your washing machine and doing something right about the causes are the ways to preserve your washing machine. There are many causes of the smelly washing machine. It is usually the mildew, slime, soap scum, and bacteria, which are accumulated inside the machine, that create the unpleasant odor. Dirty water can be the cause as well.


What we can do to get rid of the unpleasant odor in our washing machine

Take half a bag of soda crystal and put it in the drawer for detergent. After that run a hot wash cycle for an empty drum. After that, you do it once again but you should use one cup of vinegar to alternate the soda crystal to put in the drawer of detergent. If you do it regularly, your washing machine will be free from the bad odor making your clothes to also get smelly.

More about the ways to get rid of a smelly odor from your washing machine

  • If you have a front loading washing machine, its detergent drawer is removable. This will make you easy to pop out the drawer. After that, you brush it with a toothbrush and mild soap. Rinse the drawer with cold clean water and let it dry.
  • Make it regular to do a service in an official service center recommended by the washing machine factory. Regular service is great to prolong the life of the washing machine.
  • The round thing on the washing machine loads or the fold must be the cause to give the smelly odor to your washing machine. Just clean them thoroughly with a clean soft napkin, soap, and water.

Another thing we need to pay attention to when it comes to preserving our washing machine is the choice of cycles. Most of us don’t realize how important it is to choose the best cycle for certain clothes. Here they are.

Different cycle for different fabric

  • Heavy cycle: this is for us to clean heavy bedding, comforters, rugs, blankets, sturdy fabrics, and heavy soiled-garments
  • Gentle cycle: this is for us to clean underwear, lingerie, sheer fabric like pantyhose, stockings, and curtains, gym clothing, clothes with lace and sequins, baby blanket, anything made from silk, viscose, and rayon.
  • Color cycle: if you have colored clothes and you don’t want them to fade or bleed, choose the color cycle. The suitable clothes for this cycle are bright-color-garments and dark-color garments.
  • Fast cycle: if you have clothes with no stains you can choose this cycle.
  •  Regular cycle: this cycle is to wash almost all clothes made from linens, cotton, and normal soiled-garments. Jeans, towels, white clothes, and sheets are to wash with the regular cycle as well.

If we don’t pay attention to cycles, it is possible for washing machines to have broken materials inside causing the washing machine to be out of order. So, what do you think? The article sharing the causes of smelly washer hopefully can make you more knowledgeable.

Cleaning Washer

By : Moh Kudori

How to Choose the Best Cleaning Washer for Us and the Way to Maintain

One of the very important electronic devices people may have in their house is a cleaning washer. It’s various in price, brands, size, and model. We really depend on it.

Magic washer for cleaning

People had been washing their clothes long before washing machines exist. A washer for cleaning was invented in the 1850s. It was James King and Hamilton Smith the Americans, who invented the washing machine. We almost cannot live without it. Although it is a simple common thing to do to buy a washing machine, it is always beneficial to have guidance.

Guidance to buy a washing machine

  • If you only have a small laundry room or if you don’t have a laundry room at all, where you just locate it in the corner of your kitchen, you can just measure the room or space for it. Choose a washer with the door that won’t bang the wall when you open it. You also may need the one with the top loader.
  • If you have a lot of clothes to wash, you will have to buy the front loader washing machine with a large capacity. It is also recommended that you have the one with programmable settings.
  • If you have only a small budget for washing machine, you will have to choose the one without many fancy features and trendy colors.
  • If you have small kids or a spouse who works for a garage, surely you’ll need the one with front loader since it gives better cleaning result. Your kids and your spouse will have stains on their clothes, right? It is also urgent for you to buy the washing machine, which has presoaking cycles, steam feature or a good stain remover.

It is completely true that people don’t want to buy a washer for cleaning clothes, which is easy to be out of order. Most of us would like to buy a high-quality washing machine. However, we also play an important role in keeping our cloth washer in a good condition for a long time. See a smart way to care for a washing machine.

How to care for a washer for cleaning

  • Every time you use your washing machine, make sure you clean the spills. You also have to open the lid for the moisture in the drum to evaporate. Just open the lid for about thirty minutes for a good result.
  • You need to do a deep cleaning every month using a cleaner special for your washing machine. When you buy a washing machine, it is better for you to ask for a recommended deep cleaner brand. It is also fine to use the cleaner that you make yourself. Just mix a tablespoon of powdered detergent and ¾ cup of bleach. After that, you can add the mixture to the soak cycle. Finally, remove the mixture by running the rinse cycle.
  • It is also great to have a service provided by the service center of the store where we buy it. Even if the cleaning machine still runs well, a regular service will prolong the life of washing machines.

The way we choose and take care of a washing machine matters when it comes to making our washing machine prolong its life. The article about cleaning washer does give you the inspiration to buy a washing machine which suits your lifestyle best.

Clean Washer

The Things You Have To Do and You Don’t Have To Do While Cleaning a Washer

You need to learn how to clean washer effectively and safely. There are important to do and you can’t do while cleaning a washing machine. Let’s learn it first so later you can clean your washing machine effectively without triggering problems.

What You Have To Do

There are several things you have to do before cleaning a washer. For example, it is a must to make sure that the washing machine is empty. If you want to clean the washer after washing, just remove all the clothes and wait for a few minutes. Let the washing machine dry before washing it. By letting the washing machine dry, you can see the dirt, the residue, and even the bad odor clearly. Then, you know what you should do to remove all of them. For a natural option, you can use white vinegar or baking soda. Those ingredients have some useful compounds which help to remove the sticky residues and even the bad odor. Don’t forget to set the washing machine in the highest level of water load setting. Moreover, it will be more effective to clean washer with hot water instead of cold water to make sure that you have set the hot water setting before cleaning it. Clean the washer regularly and the best time to clean is around once a month. If you use the washing machine for daily activity, you can also consider cleaning it around once a week.

What You Don’t Have To Do

Cleaning a washer looks simple to do but some of the people don’t realize that they trigger some problems after cleaning it. This is because they are doing something that they are not allowed to do while cleaning a washing machine. For example, it is not allowed to clean the washing machine with some clothes inside the tank even if it is a towel or a wipe. You can also use the towel or wipe separately during the cleaning process. Moreover, some people do not really care about the detergent they use. As long as it is a detergent, they use it. Actually, it is a bad decision. A wrong detergent is a problem because it might increases the bad odor or the sticky residue. As the result, you feel that there is no difference before and after cleaning the washer. Just choose a natural product or if you want to clean it by yourself, just use white vinegar or baking soda. The worst part is that you don’t care about cleaning the washing machine. It seems that it is unimportant to do it because the drain water will bring the dirty or the residues. Actually, it is a wrong assumption because some residues need a specific treatment including using an acidic compound to remove it. Even if you want to clean washer, you do it by the time you see something wrong with the machine. The best thing to do is cleaning the machine regularly.

Now, you know what to do and what you don’t have to do while cleaning a washer. Just follow the tips above and you can clean washer safely and the result will make you satisfy.

Cleaning Your Washing Machine

Cleaning your washing machine regularly is a must thing to do. It is not only used to keep the hygiene but also to keep the performance of the washer. Moreover, you can also prevent some problems including bad odor, sticky residue, grime, and even dangerous bacteria. This article shows to you the safe way to clean a washing machine.

The Reason to Clean Your Washing Machine

There are several reasons for cleaning your washing machine naturally. Cleaning your washing machine naturally means you don’t give dangerous waste after the process. The best way is finding the safe natural ingredients which can be used to wash your washing machine effectively. Two main options are white vinegar and baking soda. Both of them are disinfectant and they are effectively removing mold and mildew. They are also consisting of acid which helps to dissolve sticky soap residues. Baking soda is also a valuable ingredient to remove bad odor inside the washing machine.

How to Clean the Washing Machine Tank

Now, you are learning that cleaning your washing machine can be done easily by using white vinegar and baking soda. The next thing to learn is how to do it for a maximal result. The first thing to do is setting the washer in a hot water setting. Because you want to clean all parts of the machine, you need to set the water level in the largest load setting. During this process, you are not allowed to add anything including detergent or even clothes. Just make sure that the washer is empty. When the loading process is done, just add 3 to 4 cups of white vinegar. Let the water mix the white vinegar for a few minutes. The compounds help to remove the residues left on the tank. Pause the washing cycle and add about a half cup of baking soda. Then, continue the washing process. When you think that the ingredients are blended, you may stop the machine and let the water inside the washer than for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. After an hour, just drain the water and make sure that the tank is empty. You can do the washing cycle one more time without adding any kind of ingredients to make sure that there is no baking soda or white vinegar left behind. Let the washing machine tank dry for a while.

How To Clean the Body of the Washing Machine

cleaning your whasing machine

It is also important to clean the body of the washing machine. The way to clean the body is also easy to do. You may mix a bowl of water with white vinegar or baking soda and stir it. Then, take a dry wipe or smooth towel. Soak it on the bowl for a while and then squeeze it. Use the wet wipe or the smooth towel to clean the body of the washing machine. How about the way to clean the difficult parts of the machine? Besides using a wipe or towel, you can also use a toothbrush to reach the small and difficult parts of the machine. The baking soda and the white vinegar help to remove the sticky dirt and residues around the washing machine. Indeed, cleaning your washing machine is an important thing to do to keep your tools and clothes hygiene and keep your family away from various diseases caused by some dangerous bacteria.

Washing Machine Cleaner

Recommended Washing Machine Cleaner for a Hygiene and Fresh Washing Machine

The way you choose a washing machine cleaner decides the result. That’s why you have to choose the best cleaner so you can see the great result without any bad side effects on the washing machine. The list below is the best washing machine cleaner you can use.

Affresh Washer Cleaner

Most people are using Affresh washer cleaner because of its easiness and effectivity to remove residues. You don’t have to use additional tools to clean the inside part of your beloved washing machine. Just pour the washer cleaner and let the washing cycle helps the rest of the process. That’s it! Your washing machine is clean and looks like a new in a simple and fast way. This cleaner is effective to remove residues, grime, and even bad odor. You just need to use the product once a month regularly and you will always use a clean washing machine.

Smelly Washer

You can also choose Smelly Washer as your best washing machine cleaner due to its effectiveness. Just like Affresh washer cleaner, Smelly Washer is also easy to use by only pouring the product to the washer. Then, let the washing cycle helps to clean the sticky residues or grime. This product is also a good option to remove bad odor in your washing machine. For a more effective result, you may pause the washing cycle for a few minutes or an hour. Then, let the machine finish the washing cycle and you can’t smell the bad odor anymore.


Excelsior is the next washing machine cleaner you may try. This product is offered in a 250ml bottle package. The small package keeps you easy to bring and use it anytime you want. Excelsior is formulated with specific compounds which can remove any kind of residues including sticky soap residue. The bad odor is always a problem for those who use a washer regularly. The product is able to overcome the bad odor in the simplest way. Just pour the cleaner and let the compounds work to remove the bad odor. The most important, the product is made of natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. It is a save washing machine cleaner because it doesn’t use phosphate and solvent. At the same time, you are about to use a product with a biodegradable formula to keep your washer clean and hygiene.


Glisten washing cleaner from Summit Brands is also an effective product to clean your beloved washing machine. The manufacturer is not only offering one but two packs in once. The best part of the cleaner is because the compounds are formulated to remove specific problems such as escherichia coli, salmonella choleraesuis, iron soap scum, and grease around the washer. As the result, you can keep the clothes hygiene and the health of the entire family. The final achievement of the product is that you have not only a clean washing machine but also a fresh washing machine. This washing machine cleaner boosts your spirit to wash any dirty clothes because you know exactly the result. Indeed, you will have a hygiene washing machine anytime you want.

Clean Washing Machine

Tips to Get a Clean Washing Machine Easily

Having a clean washing machine is very important. It is not only keeping its performance but also the hygiene. There are several things you need to do while cleaning your washing machine. Those things help you to clean the washing machine without damaging the machine.

Prepare the Tools and Materials

There are several tools you need to prepare before cleaning a washing machine such as a toothbrush and microfiber cloth. You also need to prepare specific easy to find materials such as white vinegar and baking soda. When the tools and materials are ready, it means you are ready to clean the washing machine.

Clean the Washer with White Vinegar and Baking Soda

The first thing to do is filling the washer with water. To get a clean washing machine, try to fill the washer with the highest load, the hottest water setting, and the longest wash time. Just wait until the washer filled by a half of the water. Then, pour a quart of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda. Let the setting continues the process until the water mix with the white vinegar and the baking soda. Soak the mixture water for an hour or more before draining it.

Clean the Difficult Parts of the Washer with a Toothbrush

While waiting for the soaking time, you can clean the body of the washing machine. Just use a toothbrush you have prepared before. You just need to brush the parts of the machine smoothly, especially the upper parts and the difficult parts to reach. Just make sure that the dusk and the dirt is removed from the machine.

Draining the Water Inside the Washer

Now, go back to the water inside the washer. After an hour, continue the process by rinsing and draining the water out from the washer. To make sure that there is no white vinegar or baking soda left on the washer, repeat the process without adding white vinegar or baking soda.

Clean the Body of the Washer with a Microfiber Cloth

The last thing to do is cleaning the body or the parts of the washer with a microfiber cloth. Do it slowly and smoothly to make sure that the dusk and dirt is perfectly removed from the washer. That’s it! You have a clean washing machine now. You just need to wait a few hours until the washing machine totally dry. After that, you can use the washer just like before.

Tips To Do Prevent a Smelly Washer

To keep it clean longer, it is better not to use too much detergent while washing. Just use the detergent in the right portion based on the instruction. You may also rinse the dirty clothes first before washing it in the washing machine. Choose the right softener while washing so it doesn’t stick in the washer after the washing process.

The steps above are used to remove all the dusk and dirty which are stuck in the washer. That’s why you should clean the washing machine regularly such as once a week or two times a month. This trick is also a simple and effective way to clean a smelly washing machine. The most important, you don’t have to call a cleaner only to clean a washing machine. The information above shows that you are able to have a clean washing machine by doing some simple way as long as you want to do it.

Affresh Washer Cleaner

The Benefits of Using Affresh Washer Cleaner to Clean Your Beloved Washing Machine

Choosing the best washer cleaner detergent is an important thing to do. You may take affresh washer cleaner as an effective washer cleaner detergent. Let’s learn more about the way the detergent helps to clean up your beloved washer.

Easy to Use Washer Cleaner

What makes affresh washer cleaner different than the other washer detergent is on the package. The product is served in the form of a tablet. The tablet is formulated to remove dirt and residue effectively without adding any problems to the materials of the washer. The product is designed in the form of a table to make you easy to use. Just drop a table into the washing machine and it will be mixed with the water during the cleaning process.

Simple Washer Cleaner

You don’t have to use any additional tools or materials only because you want to clean the inside part of the washer. Just take a tablet of affresh washer cleaner and let the compounds clean the dirt and residue during the washing cycle. It’s easy to do along with a great result.

Keep the Performance of the Washer

There are several ways to keep the performance of a washer. One of them is by cleaning it regularly. This washer tablet helps to keep the performance in the most comfortable way. Just follow the instructions and you will see your beloved washer just like a new machine.

Remove Bad Odor Caused by Residue and Grime

The compounds of the product are also effectively removing the bad odor caused by residues or grime left behind. The washer cleaner keeps the good smell of the washer without giving bad impact to the clothes washed.

Steps to Use Affresh Washer Cleaner

Affresh washer cleaner is an easy way to clean the inside part of your washing machine. There are several steps you have to do to clean the washer. The first step to do is make sure that the washer is empty. When it is done, you just need to drop a tablet of affresh washer cleaner into the washer tub. It is better not to put the tablet in the dispenser. Close the door and set the machine in the normal washing cycle. The difference is that you have to set the water into the hot water setting. Just wait until the washing cycle ends. Now, you can open the door of the washer and wipe the residue or water left on the washer.

Affresh Washer Cleaner Packages

washer cleaner

To meet the need of its users, the product is offered in 3 different packages. You can choose to use a three tablets package, five tablets package, and six tablets package. For the first time users, you may take the three tablets package as a trial.  After seeing the benefits, you may take the five or six tablets package so you can use affresh washer cleaner anytime you want to clean the washer. Plus, you are able to buy a wipe to clean the body of the machine. Soon, you will have a clean inside and outside part of the washer.