Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner

Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner: The Right Product to Clean Your Washing Machine

Affresh washing machine cleaner is a product designed to clean your washing machine. It is designed to penetrate, dissolve, and remove reside being a causing factor of an unpleasant odor happened in all washing machine products. There are some positive reviews and opinions on why you should use this product.

Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner

Special Formulation

The tablet is specially formulated to dissolve slowly, last for the longest time along the cycle of the washing process, and break the residue better than the whiter. With a special formula, it is effectively cleaning the plaque on the washing machine. It is also safe to use for the top efficiency level washing machine and conventional washing machine. It is recommended for keeping the cleanliness of your washing machine.

If you want to keep the cleanliness, you can use it once a month. It is helpful to maintain your washing machine cleaner and fresher. This product has an expired date for two years from the printed production date on the item. It is secure for your septic tank so that it is multifunctional.

Preventing Residue and Unpleasant Odor

Affresh washing machine cleaner is a special cleaner product for some purposes. This is useful to clean and prevent residue due to an unpleasant odor. The bad odor can happen to all kinds of washing machines. Meanwhile, if you use a whiter product, it only kills the bacteria causing the unpleasant odor and leaving the detergent residue. This washer cleaner takes surfactant chemical compound to remove root problems in the washing machine. This is a formulated tablet, slow dissolving, and foam to clean residue. It only leaves a fresh and clean odor in the washing machine.

To clean a washing machine, you only put a tablet of this Affresh washing machine cleaner in the washing basket without the clothes inside. Then, run a normal cycle or heat option. This is enabling to make the septic tank clean and fresh. This is safe for all components of the washing machine. You may use it once a month to keep the washing machine clean and fresh. The package includes six tablets. You must note that the date on the package is a production date, not the expired date.


This washing machine cleaner is easy to use and run a great performance in cleaning the washing machine. It also removes odor effectively. There are some pros and positive opinions about this product. It offers high effectiveness to remove unpleasant odor and residue very well. In addition, it is very eco-friendly so that you don’t contaminate the environment while using this product. The product and package are biodegradable so that it can be degraded by the soil.

Offering A Product in a Tablet Shape with Competitive Price

This product is effective to reduce the residue of mineral and detergent making the interior of the washing machine look dirty. It can change it to be shining, clean, and smell good. This product is able to remove fungus and plaque on the washing machine. It is a new innovation in a tablet shape so that it is easily used. It removes inhalation and liquid splash in the washing machine. It is available in one pouch with 6 tablets in which it is sold at the competitive price about $1 per a package. Those positive opinions will convince you to choose Affresh washing machine cleaner