Cleaning Washing Machine Vinegar

Cleaning Washing Machine Vinegar-Involved Methods

Cleaning washing machine vinegar is not a new thing in nowadays, even though cleaning the washing machine sounds so out of sense. However, this is an important task because that machine is used for washing your clothes every day.

Instead of using certain chemical substances that could give side effect to the machine parts, here we have some tips to clean the washing machine with something you can find in the kitchen: vinegar.

Cleaning Washing Machine Vinegar

Top Load washing machine

Cleaning a top load washing machine is practically simple and easy. All you need to prepare is some cleaning cloths and a bottle of white vinegar. Do not forget to follow these steps below.

•       Set your washer into the highest temperature, longest cycle, and highest capacity;

•       Put four cups of white vinegar into the water and close the lid before letting the machine agitates for a couple of minutes;

•       Open the lid (to make the machine stops) and let it sit for one hour or two. This aims to let the vinegar expels the bacteria inside the nooks and crannies as well as the hoses in the machine.

After the cycle is completely run with the vinegar solution, you stop the machine. If the washing machine is pretty dirty, you can repeat the process. It is true if the vinegar does a good job when it comes to removing any buildup of dirt and mineral. Other than that, it could also soften the soap scum as well as another residue in the hoses and washed. All you need to do is letting the machine agitates for a couple of minutes for the white vinegar solution.

Front Load washing machine

This type of washing machine came later after the top-load type. It gets its popularity, after all, considering its efficiency and cleaning ability. However, some owners report that they got stinky laundry. On the other hand, cleaning the interior with extra detergent would not help too. This is the time for you to use the white vinegar. The steps are similar to the top-load washing machine.

•       Set your machine into the hot water. But if the machine does not have the option of hot water, you can choose the “stain” or “white” setting for the cycle;

•       Choose the “extra rinse” option but if the machine does not have it then you can skip this step;

•       Put ¾ cup of white vinegar inside the bleach dispenser. You can also refill it until the maximum level of the dispenser;

•       Let the cycle to run until it has done;

•       In order to make sure that there is no vinegar left in the washer, you can select the additional cycle of rinsing manually.

After the interior part is done, you can also clean the softener and bleach dispensers. You just need to clean it with soap and warm water to remove any residue in the dispenser. Do not forget to dry them thoroughly before putting them in its place. So, this is all you need to know about cleaning washing machine vinegar.