A Guide to Washer Dryer

By Victor Thomas 

A washer dryer is a combination of both washing machine and tumble dryer. This type is very useful in those places where load of clothes to clean is not very much and also where space is a constraint. In this, the washer is as effective as the washing machine and the water that comes out after drying is either collected or is exited out with the help of hoses. They can be connected to both hot and cold water, so that cleaning of clothes becomes more effective.

There are various things to consider when buying a washer-dryer. The first thing to note is the size and the washing capacity of the machine. This depends on the space available to store the machine and the number of people available in the house, whose clothes have to be washed. The capacity varies from 3.5 litres to 7 litres and even more. However, it is better to go for a slightly larger capacity than what is required, as, when drying the clothes, more space is required than what is required while washing.

The level to which cleaning is effective is taken care of by the spinning speed. It is necessary to choose the required spinning speed, for efficient cleaning. This speed varies from 800rpm-1600rpm. It is also useful to have machines with variable speeds as different types of fabrics might need different speed levels.

Performance rating is given to different machines on the basis of their performance. This starts with A, being the most efficient, to G. However, new machines come with the ratings from A-C. The capacity of water consumed is another important factor to be considered. This is calculated in litres and is usually available on the machine carton. The next factor to be taken care of is the energy consumption. The more the wattage used, the more powerful the machine would be. This, however, increases the electricity consumption, but the output is faster and better performing machine.

The time taken to wash the given capacity is also to be taken into consideration. This can vary from 30 minutes to even 120 minutes, depending upon the level of dirt in the clothes. Noise level produced by the machine is expressed in decibels. Usually it is seen that the quieter the machines, the more expensive it would be.

Apart from these, there are many other features that prove to be useful for a washer-dryer. These include a half-load button, child-proof facility, hand washing facility for delicate clothes, delayed start timer – in case the clothes have to be soaked for sometime in water, crease guard options and anti-leak detector – that is used to detect if a machine is leaking or not.

All these functions prove to be very useful and easy to use. They also are helpful in the long run. Taking care of the machines is also very important for their longevity.

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