About Soap Loaves

By Jeannie Woods 

Soap loaves are homemade or handmade soaps that used large molders like wooden log molds. They create large pieces of soaps that resemble bread loaves because of its rectangular shape. These loaves can be cut into smaller pieces, making regular sized bars or any other shapes that the maker may prefer.

Hobbyists who have started their own soap making businesses, may find it useful to create soap loaves. This is because making soap loaves means you use fewer molds, making your different batches easier to keep track of, and because these can be sold at a wholesale price to retailers, saving the maker from having to deal with packaging, marketing, and selling individual soaps themselves. Retailers who buy soap loaves, on the other hand, have the freedom to cut the soaps the way they see fit, stamp their own logo on the product, and save money because they are buying their product in bulk.

If you would like to start a soap making business or want to switch your current business of retailing soaps to something simpler, then why not look into making soap loaves? Though some hobbyists and craftsmen turn their noses up to this particular product because they say there is no artistry involved or the soaps are all the same, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Making soap loaves actually gives makers flexibility. It allows you to make many different batches of soaps, that can be multiplied into lots of different bars or pieces of soap once you divide the loaf. Since you will be making single batches, you will be able to spend more time on each one, taking your time to make it with care and make sure measurements are precise. Some makers feel pressured to create soaps in bulk, and since they have smaller molds, they tend to rush through the process and make mistakes.

Also, soap loaves give hobbyists room for creativity. You can shape the top of the loaves to make your loaf look like bread, or you can carve the loaf and give it an interesting shape. Some craftsmen shave bits or shavings of other pieces of soap (usually differently colored from their loaf), and stick in onto their loaves in a decorative way. Sometimes it can mimic cake frosting. That means that every piece you cut out can look like a slice of cake! Now that can make a truly interesting present! This could also be the reason why some retailers also choose to sell soap loaves; because they can be used as decorative pieces in bathrooms.

Trying to make soap loaves is just one of the many things the soap making hobby opens up for you. It helps you practice your soap making expertise and it tests your creativity. When you’ve become an expert at soap loaves and other soap recipes, try making shampoo loaves! These look like soap, but are actually shampoo!

If you need to add a new twist to your soap making hobby, try making these loaves! They can be tons of fun, and will work with any soap recipe! Get recipe ideas for them at Super Soapmaking Secrets [http://www.supersoapmakingsecrets.com] now!

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