Best Front Load Washers

The Best Front Load Washers with All-in-One Machine

the best front load washer

If you are looking for the best front load washers with various features packed in one item, you should consider LG WM3488HW. This unit offers capabilities and features of two machine units that will clean your clothes without the hassle. The machine features nine washing cycles and the most interesting part is that you can choose the special mode such as baby clothing, sportswear, and hand washing items. The specialty cycles can be downloaded by using the LG app designed for smart appliances

The dryer unit also features seven cycles that can be paired with the washer set. Feel free to choose the continued cycle or wash-only or dry-only mode. This unit will allow you to get a clean laundry without worrying about the limited space in your home. 

The whole cycle will take about 2 hours until it is done and you can simply fold it. However, you might be reconsidering the choice if you are living in a busy household. Meanwhile, this unit is working great for a single person or small family. As one of the best front load washers, this unit is the ultimate choice and you do not want to go back to the conventional machine.