Best Front Load Washing Machine

The Best Front Load Washing Machine for High-End Class

best front load washing machine

So, if you are looking for the best front load washing machine for the hi-end class, you should take a look at the LG Signature 5.8 Cubic foot. It might be pricey considering it comes from a hi-end class but it is packed with a bunch of smart great features. Other than that, it can handle a big capacity of laundry that might save you when you are living in a busy household. This machine will allow you to skip the dry cleaner because all you need is provided by this machine.

It could wash a king-size blanket without the hassle. On the other hand, this unit is equipped with a bunch of wash settings such as normal, heavy-duty, and delicate. You can also wash sportswear without worrying about the wear and tear. Even though you need to clean a big size of laundry, it will clean them in a faster time compared to other washing machines. Other than that, you do not need to worry about wrinkles and odors.

You can control this washing machine from the SmartThinQ from the LG Signature. It allows you to control and monitor the washing machine from your smartphone. And this is the best front load washing machine you cannot complain about.