Best Top Load Washing Machine for the Loyal Top Loading Machine Consumers

By K. Campbell 

Though sometimes thought of as old-fashioned and out-of-date, today’s top-loading washing machines are anything but. With features that match up with the top front-loading machine, top loaders have reinvented themselves and are giving consumers a reason to make room for their wide loads. For those who are dedicated to their top loader or just aren’t ready to convert, here are the best top load washing machines on the market.

The Whirlpool Cabrio WTW7300XW isn’t just the best top load washing machine, it is one of the best washing machines out there. The 5.0 cubic feet of capacity gives you room to get your biggest loads clean quickly. This machine has excellent washing performance and features Whirlpool’s Affresh system, a cleaning cycle that rinses away the residue of your last load, creating a fresh start for the next. This unit has the coveted Energy Star rating which will be testified to every time you run your machine thanks to the built in Energy Monitor which proudly displays your savings. The direct-drive spin system reduces the shake and vibration of this model and combined with it’s affordability holds this washing machine firmly as the best top loader around.

The Maytag Man need not hang up his blue hat and red tie as the Maytag MVWB750WQ White 28″ Washer nabs the second spot. Following the modern format, Maytag has removed the agitator to maximize the capacity of this unit. Wondering how it works? Well, Maytag makes it easy for you to see with a viewing window on the top door which also shows you what stage the cycle is in so you can add your softener or bleach at the optimal time. Though some have complained that this machine is a little rough on delicates, it has the highest efficiency ratings in its class and terrific washing performance.

LG’s WT5101 heats up the competition with an internal water heater that let’s you shower while your clothes are washed and rinsed. The heater is energy efficient and is instrumental in the Sanitize Cycle which heats up to 158 degrees to get the deepest and cleanest clean. While your laundry agitates and you shower, the auto-dispensers go to work releasing pretreaters, detergents, softeners and bleach with perfect timing. The direct-drive motors keeps things turning in a way that keeps your washer’s feet firm on the ground.

Getting the laundry done used to be a tedious task we all dreaded. The newest top loading machines give consumers the best of both worlds with classic form and technologically enhanced function. Though there are many options when it comes to washing your clothes, your brights will stay bright and your whites white when you choose one of the best top load washing machines.

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