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The Best Washing Machine with Front Loader Style

best washing machine

Are you looking for the best washing machine with a front-loading style? Well, you should take a look at Samsung AddWash WF6500. This front-loading washing machine is pretty popular among homeowners who need a machine that could save water. This unit is the combination of all good things about a front loader machine with an innovative look. 

The inset door is generally smaller so you can put inside the forgotten items while the machine is working. The easy access door allows you to wash with convenience because you do not need to abort the cycle and drain the water before putting inside the lost sock. The washing ability features 14 options of washing cycles along with a control pad to adjust the water temperature, spin speed, and soil level. If you are looking for a futuristic washing machine then this unit might be suitable for you.

Other than the cycle options and good-looking design, this unit has an excellent soundproofing system. It prevents the machine from creating a noisy sound. Complete the set with the corresponding dryer. This unit is Energy Star certified so you will get the best washing machine that can save energy while will not waste water.

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