Clean A Washing Machine Inside

Clean a Washing Machine Inside Is Very Easy!

clean a washing machine inside

Clean a washing machine inside and out, when we talk about this treatment to our washing machine we may think that it will be a tiring activity. To clean a washing machine, we need to pay attention to each side thoroughly. If you don’t clean the machine thoroughly, you may leave some dirt and mold that can bring effect to the machine itself. However, do you know actually, there are some ingredients around us that we can use to clean the washing machine? Here is the list of effective ingredients and how you should use them to clean your washing machine. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an ingredient which is often used as a cleaning ingredient in daily life. To clean your washing machine, you can use this ingredient too. You are encouraged to add some vinegar to get the best result. The ingredients cannot be used separately, you need to mix the baking soda and vinegar. But please don’t use the ingredients excessively, you may use approximately a half of a cup of baking soda and mix it with one liter of vinegar. After mixing the ingredients, you can pour it to the washing machine and operate the machine on a full cycle of washing. 

Citric Acid

If you need a stronger ingredient to compare to the last one, you may try using citric acid to clean a washing machine inside and even the outer side too. Citric Acid is a resultant ingredient of citrus and harmless yet it can clean the machine from dirt and mold effectively. This ingredient helps you to dismiss the bad aroma inside the washing machine. What you need to do is just to pour citric acid about a cup full and set the washing machine on a full cycle washing process.

Hydrogen Peroxide

To get rid of the extreme dirt on your washing machine, hydrogen peroxide could be one of many ingredients you can use to clean it. This ingredient is guaranteed harmless to the machine and the environment since it can fuse into oxygen and water as well. You can use a liter of this ingredient and pour it into the washing machine and set the machine to the full washing cycle. After the washing process finish, you need to leave it inside longer about three or four hours. This is done to let the hydrogen peroxide properly clean a washing machine inside.