Clean Front Load Washer

How to Clean Front Load Washer Simply

High-efficiency front door washing machines or high-efficiency aka (HE) are preferred by many people because they do not use much water and detergents. However, this model requires special procedures for clean front load washer, cleaning and drying components. If your front door washing machine smells like a locker room, it’s time to do a thorough cleaning and undergo special maintenance procedures. Clean the gasket and washing machine drum regularly so that there is no mold. You should also learn how to keep the washing machine dry and clean when not washing.

Washing machine is one of the electronic products that is owned by almost all families in Indonesia. The convenience offered by washing machines, making washing machines as a product chosen by housewives. Washing machines work almost every day, especially for families who have a lot of laundry every day. Sometimes you even need to wash twice so that the whole laundry can be washed clean on the same day. With daily operation, sometimes the washing machine gets damaged quickly. For those of you who have a front opening washing machine (front load) see tips for cleaning and maintaining a front load washing machine.

Clean the Washing Machine Drawer

Clean the front opening washing machine drawer where you put detergent and bleach the clothes. Clean the front-load washer drawer with water and make sure there is no residual detergent attached to the drawer. The remaining detergent that is still attached to the front-load washer drawer can affect the cleanliness of your laundry.

Clean the Washing Machine Rubber Door

With the front load model, when the clean front load washer, the rubber on the front load washer door is the part that is most frequently exposed to water. Clean with a toothbrush and detergent, rub on the rubber to remove dirt. If you don’t clean the rubber part of the washing machine door, blackish stains will appear and can even grow mold. This of course causes your laundry not fresh.

Clean Drains and Filters

Before cleaning this part, make sure you have no electricity flowing to the front load washing machine. To clean the drainage area, use a cloth or sponge that has been given detergent, rinse thoroughly. You also have to clean the front load washing machine filter from dirt so that the results of your next laundry will be cleaner.

Clean the Front Load Washer Tube Do not forget to also clean the front load washing machine tube, because in the washing machine often cause residue/crust. The way to clean the front load washer tube is to use hot water. Add the clothes bleach and do the washing as usual. Well, that’s a series of processes from a clean front load washer, then for those of you who are looking for a front load washing machine that is easy to clean, choose the best front load washing machine from various leading brands. Comes with a variety of features and technology, will make it easier for you to wash.