Clean Inside Washing Machine

How to Clean Inside Washing Machine?

clean inside washing machine

Why cleaning tools need to be cleaned, the soap already cleans it. Even so, the washing machine is still at risk of becoming a den of fungi that can endanger health. The following is a step-by-step guide and some useful suggestions for keeping your washing machine in top condition and not causing allergies. Always check the washing machine’s manual before starting to clean and make sure you wear gloves when using cleaning products. Here is how to clean each type of washing machine. Fortunately, you might not need anything beyond what you already have at home. What are the steps to clean inside washing machine?

Front Load Washing Machine

There are four steps to clean inside washing machine for front load washing machine :

  1. For the first, fill the hot water into the machine. The latest front opening washing machine models are sometimes equipped with a self-cleaning cycle. If your washing machine has this feature, fill the hot water into the washing machine, then turn on the machine. When you find your machine does not have a standalone cleaning feature, you should fill your machine with some hot water.
  2. Add one liter of bleach to remove stains. If you find the inside of the washing machine is stained, bleach can remove it. Add it through a dispenser and then it is mixed with hot water, then let your washing machine finish of the washing cycle.
  3. Next, you should clean the rubber. Use a versatile cleanser and add a paper tissue or sponge to clean the bottom and around the rubber coating.
  4. Clean the dispenser. 

Top Load Washing Machine

For the top load washing machine, you can follow this instruction to clean inside washing machine.

  1. Fill your washing machine with some hot water. The easiest way to do this is to turn on your washing machine cycle and stop it when the water is full. You should heat water in your kitchen and  make sure that your transfer it to your washing machine.
  2.  Add some of the chlorine. Then mix the bleach with water, then turn it off again and let it mixture for a minimum an hour. This will start removing dirt, mold, and other ingredients.
  3. Complete the washing cycle. Leave it on for an hour, then turn on the washing cycle again.

Clean the dispenser. Use a solution of vinegar and water and scrubbing and you add powder or detergent.