Clean Maytag Washer

An Easy Way to Clean Maytag Washer

clean maytag washer

It would be really helpful if you have a Maytag washer to clean your laundry every day, but it is also important for you to know how to clean Maytag washer the correct and easy way. Of course, to keep your Maytag washer working properly every day, cleaning it regularly is necessarily needed, right? In other words, in order to keep your Maytag washer always help you with washing your laundry, you also have to help it clean itself. Here, we will help you with all the information you need.

Step one: Wash the outside part of your Maytag washer

Before you clean the inside part of your Maytag washer, let’s just start from the easier part, which is the outside part. Just go and get yourself a pair of gloves and a sponge, a chamois cloth, and an unused toothbrush. Wipe the outside part with your sponge in order to remove the dust, dirt, and the stain. If there are some sticky stains that are hard to remove, now it is time to use your unused toothbrush to help you do the job. After all stains are removed, rinse it and wipe it dry by using the chamois cloth.

Step two: Clean the dispenser drawer

This is necessarily needed in order to prevent the bacteria growth from your detergent or washing powder. Your Maytag washer might have removable or non-removable dispenser drawer. If it is removable, just simply release it and wipe it by using the sponge, then rinse it with warm water, and then wipe it dry using the chamois cloth.  If it is non-removable, just simply open it and do the same exact thing. After you finish cleaning the dispenser drawer, re-assemble it to where it belongs.

Step three: Wash the inside part of your Maytag washer drum

The next step you have to do in order to have a clean Maytag washer is to wash the interior part of your Maytag washer drum. This necessarily has to be done at least every three or four weeks. It depends on how often you use your Maytag washer. In order to do this, you will need to activate a normal wash cycle from your Maytag washer. Apply a medium load of detergent inside the dispenser, and then just simply set it to work on a normal cycle. Don’t forget to close your Maytag washer’s door or lid before starting the normal cycle.

Last step: Wipe the drum dry

After you finished with everything in step three, the last thing you need to do is to wipe the drum. Open the door or the lid of your Maytag washer and wipe it gently first using the sponge. After that, wipe it dry, also gently, using the chamois cloth. This is also important to prevent any bacteria or mold growing inside your washer’s drum. After you have finished all of the steps, now you have your clean Maytag washer ready to use.