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How to Deep Clean Washing Machine at Home

clean washing machine

A clean washing machine is what people want. On the other hand, you need to perform deep-cleaning to your washing machine. No matter what, this machine is the one in charge to give you clean clothes. Can you imagine if mold and mildew growing inside the machine and it touches your clothes? Gross! You should read this article to get rid of those gross stuff.

Why Do We Need to Clean the Washer?

To clean washing machine, we need to perform several steps. But, why do we need to clean it? In general, detergent and other substances that get into the washer will stay as residue. It could encourage mold and mildew to build their nests. You do not want your clothes to get in touch with those things for sure.

Maintaining Clean-Smelling Washer

It is simple to prevent unpleasant odor gets out from your washer. The simple step you can do is leaving the door or lid open after every wash cycle. It allows air exchange. Also, do not use too much detergent and fabric softener to prevent soap scum buildup.

Having an anti-fungal cleaner is a good move to wipe down the seal. Mixing vinegar and tea tree essential would make a strong yet effective natural solution. Cleaning the seal once a week will help. If possible, choose low suds detergent to prevent residue buildup behind the machine.

Best Natural Cleaning Solutions

People would use bleach but it is toxic and does not remove the mold and mildew. Bleach does whiten them but not clean them. So, we encourage you to switch it with all-natural cleaning solutions.

Washing soda is the first thing you can try. It is a better version of baking soda when it comes to deep cleansing. Feel free to mix it with your laundry detergent.

Other than that, you can try vinegar. White vinegar is highly recommended. The acid level is just enough to melt down the deposit of minerals, mold, grease, and mildew. You can also mix white vinegar with your fabric softener.

Borax is also good to clean the washer. It kills various types of mold and smoothens the water. However, you need to make sure that you wear gloves and do not consume it at all. If you do not feel like using borax, the essential oil will help you to clean the washer for sure. Tea tree, peppermint, and lemon or other citric types would do great on making a clean washing machine.

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