Clean Washing Machine Inside

Effective Tips to Clean Washing Machine Inside For You.

Clean washing machine inside should be done regularly to protect your washing machine from tremendous dirt and bad odor. The dirt on the washing machine wall could affect the clothes you wash. However, you can put aside your worries about how tiring it will be if you clean the washing machine inside completely. For an easy cleaning process to your washing machine, you could try the tips that we gather for you below.

Use Hot Water and Other Cleaner Ingredients.

The first step of the cleaning process is to boil some water and pour it inside the washing machine once you are sure it is hot enough. Do not put a lot of water or too little, you may use water approximately eight to ten glasses full. After pouring the hot water, you need to add a cleaner ingredient to get the best result. You may use some bleach for dirt and mold remover such as baking soda or chlorine bleach. After putting the hot water and the additional ingredient, turn the machine on and set it to washing process only for a few seconds. If you think that hot water and the ingredient is completely mix, please leave it inside for about 40 minutes or longer but no longer than one hour. After passing one hour, you may repeat the washing process and rinse it with clean water once you finish.

Clean the Washing Machine Dispenser.

Besides cleaning the washing machine wall, you should clean the dispenser as well. To clean it you can use a cleaner ingredient such as vinegar. Vinegar is a harmless ingredient that you can easily find in your house. You can use a few drops of vinegar and put them on a scrubber. Scrub the dispenser area thoroughly to get rid of the dirt.

Dry the Washing Machine’s Part after Use.

After using the washing machine, please remember to dry the wet parts. If you leave them wet, you may find some mold and moss on top of it after a while. Do not leave your washing machine until you are sure that the machine is completely dry. And do not forget to let the washing machine lid stay open after you’re done. 

The tips mentioned above are the most effective tips you can try to clean your washing machine. You may try them and do it step by step. Now you know, it is very easy to clean washing machine inside.