Clean Washing Machine Vinegar

Clean Washing Machine Vinegar For Getting Rid Of Odors

clean washing machine machine vinegar

Washing machines that are often used certainly require special attention to remain durable and maintained even if used continuously. One of them is by way of a clean washing machine vinegar for getting rid of odors. With proper maintenance, it will certainly save unexpected costs such as service costs to repair it when it is damaged.

The trick, of course, by cleaning our washing machines regularly once a week so that there are no problems when we use it. Usually, the main place that must be cleaned is in the washing machine tube section.

Because this is where the detergent remnants, the remnants of clothes carried by washing water settle. Worse, that is the factor that makes the tubes in our washing machine become mold and cause an unpleasant odor when not in use.

Therefore, an easy solution to overcome this problem is to use vinegar. Vinegar which is believed to be a natural disinfectant can remove mold stains and also odors. If you want to try a clean washing machine vinegar for getting rid of odors, see the following trick:

1. Empty the contents in the washing machine tube, both clothes or whatever was previously inside.

2. Enter warm water, then select the usual washing program option. Let the washing machine wash the canister itself with warm water. When finished, immediately remove the water. Water from this process will usually remove the remnants of the detergent left behind.

3. Add water and vinegar as well. Then repeat the previous steps. Allow completing this process. After that, defecate the remaining laundry.

4. Leave the door open for a few minutes so that fresh air enters the tube.

How. Easy right? That’s the way to clean a vinegar washing machine for getting rid of odors.

Clean washing machine vinegar is better than others

Cleaning the washing machine especially the tube in the washing machine is the most important thing when cleaning the washing machine itself. Clean washing machine vinegar is better than others, although usually some factories that produce washing machines always recommend special detergents to clean their washing machines.

Even though the detergent has been specially made in such a way, still a mixture of chemicals added over time will not be good for the washing machine itself.

Therefore, instead of detergents that contain chemicals, it is better to use vinegar alone in cleaning the washing machine because a clean washing machine vinegar is better than others. Apart from being a mild acid compound which is harmless and without chemicals, vinegar has been trusted for a long time in removing stubborn stains.

The reason is that the content of acetic acid in vinegar makes it believed that it can eliminate various harmful bacteria. For this reason, so far the vinegar is truly believed to be able to remove various impurities. Good for washing clothes, even washing the washing machine.

So how? Still thinking of continuing to use chemical detergents instead of vinegar? Do not The problem has been proven, clean washing machine vinegar is better than others

Adjust the type of washing machine when clean washing machine vinegar

Do you want to wash your washing machine safely? Just use vinegar as a mixture to clean your washing machine. Vinegar is believed to clean the washing machine very safely. But before that, Adjust the type of washing machine when cleaning the vinegar washing machine.

Products on the market do sell special detergents for washing machines. However, it is undeniable that dangerous chemicals if used continuously is certainly not safe for the washing machine itself.

So, from now on, use vinegar as your washing machine cleaning media to be safer. Its use is quite easy, but first, determine the type and type of your washing machine.

1. Wash the outer washing machine

Washing the washing machine outside is not difficult. Simply prepare a microfiber cloth and vinegar mixture with water. Dissolve two glasses of vinegar with water, then soak the microfiber cloth and gently wipe the body of the washing machine.

2. Wash the inner washing machine

Washing machines have several types on the market. Usually mostly in the form of top loading and front loading. The difference in the type of washing machine is certainly influential with the treatment in washing the washing machine also later.

For top-loading washing machines, vinegar is usually used more and mixed with warm water. Usually, the spin on the engine is also selected full rotation so that the washing process runs perfectly.

For front loading washing machines, vinegar is usually used no more than top-loading. Vinegar is also mixed with warm water, like a top-loading washing machine. Starting from the beginning of washing to the end. The clean washing machine vinegar is the same way, it’s just different. Therefore, adjust the type of washing machine when cleaning the washing machine vinegar. So, you already know, how to safely clean washing machine vinegar.