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Keep your Cleaning Washer

cleaning washer

Washing machines are indeed widely used because it is so practical. But to make this washing machine durable, you must first take care. Care for this washing machine is fairly not difficult, you need to also pay attention to how you use this washing machine. Here are ways that can be used to keep cleaning washer.

Choosing a place to put it.

Choosing where to put the washing machine can be a good way to care. This is because if you put the washing machine in a wet place it will cause the washing machine to become damaged. Especially if your house is often flooded. To overcome this, you can use a mat so that your washing machine is not easily damaged. You can keep cleaning washer by placing the washing machine in a dry place, which will make the washing machine durable and avoid damage.

Clean washing machine

You should clean the washing machine regularly so that it does not damage the engine. You can pay attention to the important parts of the washing machine that must be treated properly. You must keep this part clean so the washing machine can be used for a long time. You also need to check the filter section and drainage hose in case of damage or leakage then you need to take further action.

Clean the tube from the washing machine.

The latest washing machines usually have an automatic tube washing feature. But if your washing machine doesn’t have this feature, you can wash the canister manually. To keep cleaning washer, you only need hot water, baking soda, and vinegar. You can combine these ingredients and play them in your washing machine.

Use a detergent that is suitable for washing machines.

You must use the correct ratio of detergent and water so that it does not cause residual soap or detergent to stick to your washing machine. You can see a guide from using this washing machine. Do not let you put more clothes than the washing machine capacity

Check the filter section.

This could be because there is a lot of dirt in the filter section. For that, you should regularly check the drain filter on this washing machine. If there is no dirt on the filter then you can call a washing machine technician to check the problem of slowing water entering your washing machine.  Those are some explanations for the keep cleaning washer. Hopefully, you can do it at home and make your washing machine always clean.