Cleaning Washing Machine Vinegar

Tips for Cleaning Washing Machine with Vinegar

cleaning washing machine vinegar

If you are struggling when cleaning your washing machine, check these tips for cleaning washing machine vinegar. Wearing clean clothes is a must for everyone. You do not want to look dirty and messy when you go to work, school, or just about anywhere. Washing your clothes manually can be very slow and tiring. Moreover, washing clothes manually might not lead to maximum results. The washing machine makes our life much easier. Compared to washing manually, a washing machine can clean clothes faster and more efficient. Furthermore, some washing machines are already equipped with a dryer. This all-in-one combo is great. You get a washing machine and dryer in one purchase. However, it might sound unbelievable that a machine whose purpose is to clean something can get dirty. The fact is your washing machine is a perfect spot for fungus to grow and spread. Lucky you, cleaning a washing machine is anything but hard. Vinegar is the perfect liquid to clean your washing machine because it is easy to get. However, there are two types of washing machines that are front-loading washing machines and top-loading washing machines. Both of them require different amounts of vinegar and different techniques to clean. So, check this out!

How to Clean Front-Loading Washing Machine

The first in our tips for cleaning washing machine vinegar is for front-loading washing machines. This type of washing machine is the latest machine in the business. A front-loading washing machine is much more efficient in cleaning clothes. Therefore, it gains popularity among consumers. However, if you do not clean this machine properly it will make your clothes emit bad odors. Below are the steps for cleaning a front-loading washing machine.

  • Some machines have a hot water setting. You have to choose this setting first. However, you can choose a white or stain setting if your machine does not provide a hot water setting.
  • It is suggested to select extra rinse if your machine has that option but it is fine if your washing machine does not have this option.
  • Put white vinegar into the bleach dispenser. You might want to fill it with vinegar to its maximum capacity.
  • Run the cycle until it is finished.
  • After it is done, you might want to make sure that there is no vinegar left. Rinse once more to make the remains gone.

How to Clean Top-Loading Washing Machine

A top-loading washing machine is the next in our tips. This type of washing machine is much more conventional than a front-loading washing machine. This machine requires more water and energy to operate. However, this washing machine does not give bad odors as bad as a front-loading washing machine. Nonetheless, you might still want to clean this washing machine if there is any fungus’ presence inside the machine for the sake of cleanliness. Below are the tips.

  • First, you want to set your washing machine temperature as high as possible. Also, you have to set to its maximum capacity and longest cycle.
  • You need more vinegar for this machine because they require more water to operate. Add five cups of white vinegar into the washing machine. Then close the cover and let it stir up for some minutes.
  • After it is done, open the cover and wait for an hour. This way the vinegar will clean the machine efficiently.

That is all our tips for cleaning washing machine with vinegar. Surely you want to apply these tips at home because It is very easy and efficient to clean washing machine vinegar .