Front Load Washing Machine

by moh kudori

Pros and Cons of Front Load Washing Machine

The front load washing machine comes in various styles, colors, features, and prices. It has been the choice for many homeowners for years. Thus, many manufacturers produce more brands from time to time. Here, we will show you the pros and cons of a front loader washer.

Many people love this type of washing machine due to the gentle character towards fabrics. It is caused by the absence of an agitator. Other than that, this type of washer shows a better score during the cleaning test compared to the top loader machine. The spin cycles are faster and it gives a drier result. Many brands can be stacked so you can use it in a small living area. Other than that, this style allows you to install the machine even under a countertop.

However, you need to bend down when it comes to unloading the machine. Its door is airtight and it makes the mold grows inside the door easily. You may leave the door open for about one hour after you are done to prevent this issue. Other than that, the control panel of a front load washing machine tends to attract the kid’s attention unless you purchase the one with a control lock-outs.