How to Clean Clothes Washer

How to Clean Clothes Washer Easily?

how to clean clothes washer

Have you ever been bothered by an unpleasant washing machine odor or clogged drainage hose? Such problems are often experienced if the washing machine is not routinely cleaned. Cleaning your washing machine regularly is a form of maintenance to avoid damaging your washing machine. Did you know that washing machines contain 25 percent of bacteria? The bacteria are collected from dirty clothes that are washed and dried. 

This surprising fact can be removed, with innovations, then you can clean your washing machine with baking soda. Clean the washing machine with white vinegar or chlorine bleach for natural remedies, although some washing machine manufacturers recommend the use of chlorine bleach. So, how to clean clothes washer easily? Please refer to the explanation below.

Empty the washing machine

The first step of how to clean clothes washer is to open the washing machine cover. Then, the washing machine tube is empty. Make sure there are no clothes inside.

Using White Vinegar

Put the four cups of white vinegar in the place where you put the detergent in the washing machine. Note that if the detergent container and fabric softener are different, make sure you put the white vinegar in the detergent container or slot.

Using Baking Soda

Then, add one cup of baking soda. Each unit of “cup” used is equal to 8 oz or 236.5 milliliters. Put the baking soda in the place where you put the white vinegar. Then, close the washing machine.

Turn On the Washing Machine

Use a washing mode with hot water. As much as possible, use hot water to clean the bacteria in the washing machine. Also, turn on the washing mode with the longest lap available in your washing machine. Leave the engine running and do one round of washing without clothes in it. This step will make the vinegar mixture and baking soda to clean the inside of the washing machine without chemicals.

If you have finished cleaning the inside of the washing machine, don’t forget to clean the outside and the control panel with a cleaning spray to remove all dust and dirt. Now your washing machine is clean and odor-free. To avoid damage to your washing machine, do cleaning for 1-2 months. Make sure you also use the appropriate method for the type of washing machine. Tips on how to clean clothes washer above can be used as a reference to help clean your washing machine.