How To Clean Front Loading Washing Machine

How To Clean Front Loading Washing Machine So That It Lasts Longer

As a technology that is very helpful in daily life, washing machines are excellent in cleaning the clothes for some people. With advanced technology and features, now washing clothes no longer need to spend more energy, everything is automatically done by a washing machine.

clean front loading washing machine

Of all the types of washing machines on the market, front-loading washing machines are the best washing machines with automatic systems, both for washing clothes and washing machines.

Naturally, front-loading washing machines are more expensive than top-loading washing machines, the features they have are different. With its automatic cleaning feature, the front loading washing machine makes it less difficult for the owner to treat and clean it thoroughly like a top-loading washing machine.

here’s how to clean front loading washing machine so that it lasts longer:

1. Use the tub clean option to clean the inner tubes

This option was indeed created to clean the jar on the front loading washing machine. Every current front-loading washer has this setting option. If you have an old front loading washing machine model and don’t have this setting option, you can work around this by putting warm water into the jar then selecting the washing option as usual.

Use a special cleaning detergent to clean the tube, or it can be replaced using bleach. Put detergent into the washing machine dispenser rack if using detergent. If you use bleach, just mix it in a little after putting warm water in it.

2. Clean the detergent dispenser drawer

The dispenser is usually a detergent that has long been imprinted by hardening or leaving a few remnants in the dispenser. If the dispenser drawer can be removed, remove it, and clean it with a brush and water so that all remaining detergent attached is gone.

If you find that the dispenser drawer cannot be removed, simply wipe it with a damp cloth until the remaining detergent is left clean as a whole. Solution if you don’t want to clean the dispenser drawer too often, switch to using liquid detergent.

3. Clean the rubber part on the door of the washing machine

After initially cleaning the tube in the washing machine, then when finished, proceed with cleaning the washing machine door. Wipe the glass and the edges using a dry cloth so that there is no remaining wet part which has the potential to cause mold.

Don’t forget to check the rubber inner layer on the washing machine door. Usually, between the door and rubber, there is residual dirt and detergent from the laundry. Use a dry cloth or cloth to clean it so it does not cause mold and musty odor.

4. Clean the water filter section

Clean the water filter as well as a supplier of water to enter the washing machine. First, remove from the tap and also the flow hose from the back of the washing machine. Then clean the two using a brush to clean the dirt that adheres to the filter and the drains.

That’s the way to how to clean front loading washing machine so that it lasts longer. I hope this helps.

How to clean a front loading washing machine without the tub clean program option

Not all front loading washing machines turn out to have the tub clean program option to clean the inner tube of the washing machine. Maybe for some people, this will make him confused because they do not know what to do other procedures to clean the washing machine.

Be calm, it does not mean you have to clean it thoroughly. The method is still almost the same, it’s just that maybe the steps and ways that are done are slightly different from the existing instructions. Here’s how to clean a front-loading washing machine without the tub clean program option:

1. Select the 90 ° cotton program option without detergent

Try checking first if there is a 90 ° cotton program option. If so, then that’s the tub clean program on your washing machine. Usually, this is caused by differences in the type of washing machine or washing machine brand that’s all.

Although it has a different name, the use and purpose are still the same, to clean the tube in the washing machine.

2. Clean with the usual washing options

If none of these options are available, you can use the usual washing option. The trick first empties the contents of the tube. Then choose the washing program option using warm water. If not, just choose the usual washing program option.

Apart from the different types or brands, the factor of production also sometimes influences differences in the washing machine’s features. That’s how to clean front loading washing machine without the tub clean program option. Hopefully, this will be the solution for your previous confusion.

How to clean a front loading washing machine using citric acid

Citric acid can be used to remove the remnants of detergent stains left in the washing machine. Citric acid is usually used other than because it is safer, easy to find and the price is relatively cheaper so the reason for people to use it.

If you are curious, it never hurts to try to use it to clean your washing machine.

1. Choose the usual washing program option

2. Put warm water into the washing machine tube. Warm water is useful to make it easier to remove the remnants of detergent

3. Mix citric acid into warm water

4. Leave it until the washing process finishes on its own

5. Dispose of the remaining water, then leave the door of the washing machine open for fresh air to enter Now that’s how to clean front loading washing machine using citric acid. Good luck