How To Clean The Washing Machine

How to Clean the Washing Machine and Why

how to clean the washing machine

How to clean the washing machine has become something people. On the other hand, the washing machine is supposed to do the cleaning work. Then, why should we clean them? Does it not sound counterintuitive? A washing machine is filled with water and soap every time we use it, right?

Why Should You Clean the Washing Machine?

There is always a reason behind anything and it is also applied on how to clean the washing machine. Even though the machine seems to be filled with something that could clean it, you still need to clean the machine after all. The drum and other things inside it may get penetrated by soap residue, chemicals, and minerals from the detergent.

Besides it could lead to bacteria and mold nest, it would also clod your washing machine. Once it gets bad enough, you will smell something awful when you open the lid.

When is the Right Time to Clean?

The general rule is once per month and it includes both inside and outside parts of your machine. Using natural cleaning solution will eliminate the risk of harming the septic system as well as your budget. This is why you can clean the machine more often by using a natural cleaning solution.

White washers easily show buildup. Some people consider it as stains from your clothes but it is a bunch of germs. It is a sign that your machine has been overdue for a cleaning.

How to Clean

Bleach is the most common element used for cleaning the machine. However, it is toxic and not eco-friendly at all. Besides, it could clog the septic system yet give an unpleasant smell. For a natural cleaning solution, you can use white vinegar.

White vinegar is the best element to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your machine. Its acidity level is good to melt the built-up residue while cleansing the pipes as well. Another good thing about white vinegar is the ability to deodorize. Using this element will help you to clean up the unpleasant residue and deodorizing. For a combo, you can add baking soda in it. It gives freshness and an additional kick to get rid of the built-up residue. It is like the exfoliator after all. On the other hand, it neutralizes odors in a short time. White vinegar and baking soda are the duos you never knew you needed it. And this is the end section of how to clean the washing machine.