Kenmore Washer Dryer

Kenmore Elite 41003

If you are looking for a Kenmore washer-dryer, the Elite 41003 should be on your list. This one is the most common unit with a front-load style. As its name suggests, this machine is a combination of dryer and washer. As a combo unit, you can wash and dry your clothes without removing and putting them in the dryer after washing. Also, this might be the best choice you can make if your living space is not possible to have a standalone washer and dryer.

You might need a little more time to get used with the machine considering it has a certain challenge to operate. On the other hand, it does not function as a standalone washer and dryer so it provides you various cycles and options to choose from. The unit comes with a one-year limited warranty which might make you reconsider to purchase this unit while the price tag seems a bit more expensive than other combo units. However, if you do not mind the limitations and differences, this unit will deliver such a great job for your laundry. It will save space in your home while you can get clean laundry every time without doing the hard work. Also, this Kenmore washer-dryer unit only requires a 110-volt