Lg Washer Dryer

How to Get the Most Out of the Washer Dryer Combo Unit

lg washer dryer

LG washer dryer combo units are just one of the many manufacturers in the industry that provide this type of laundry machine. Having a combo unit is such a convenience for those who have limited living space but need a washing machine along with its dryer. According to the review and our little tests, the combo machine requires almost two hours to dry your clothes perfectly. If you want to get the most out of your washer dryer combo, here are our tips you should try.

The first thing to do is not overloading your machine. We will remind you that a dryer machine needs plenty of room to let the air circulates freely. This is why the dryer capacity can only take up half of the washing capacity. Certain units provide a faster cycle though. Also, you should use your detergent wisely and not go crazy with it. You do not need a softener as well.

You better separate your clothes in several laundry bags. The laundry bags will allow you to mix the clothes without worrying about the zipper and other stuff could ruin the others. We also do not recommend to use homemade laundry soaps no matter what units you are using. And this also applies if you have an LG washer dryer unit.