Samsung Washer

Best Value: Samsung Washer WA50M7450AW

If you want to get the best value washer machine, you should check the Samsung washer WA50M7450AW. The model is designed for those who need plenty of space to wash the laundry. This unit is a great value of capabilities and features while the price is in the mid-price range. 

samsung washer

This unit comes with 11 washing cycles and you can choose it according to what you need. Some special cycle options include bedding, activewear, and deep wash for certain items. Another selection includes spin speed, soil level, and water temperature. This unit only offers and provides the essential functions along with some interesting features to help you deal with your laundry needs.

This unit is a top loader washing machine. Meanwhile, if you are not tall, it may be a bit challenging to remove your clothes or cleaning the machine. Some users reported that they used a stool to get their clothes from the bottom part of its tube. Since the room to wash is generously big, up to 5.0 cubic, the machine can handle towels and bedding without the hassle. If you are ok with a top loader washing machine and want to get the best value for your money, this Samsung washer would work as you wish.