Take Pride in a LG Washer Dryer

By Deven Jerry

Over the years through intense research and development, Laundry appliance manufactures have created better, efficient and environmental friendly machines. Washing appliances are made with the user in mind to provide a convenient and effective washing experience.

The importance of choice

Investing in a washing machine and choosing the right one is a decision not to be taken lightly. Washing Machine Wizard is an online review centre dedicated to the evaluation of washing machines and its related products. It highlights user reviews of all the popular brands of washing machines, washer dryer combos, separate dryer unit and other household appliances.

The Washer Dryer option

Some of the washer dryers combos reviewed on Washing Machine Wizard have a washing and drying cycle rolled into one. The machine completes the washing cycle and automatically continues to the drying phase, all preset by the end user. LG Washer Dryer Combo is one of those with such features.

The LG Washer Dryer Combo is a cleverly engineered appliance manufactured by LG, one of the largest suppliers of household appliances. The Washer Dryer is loaded with character and comes highly recommended by reviewers on the Washing Machine Wizard website.

Top features of the LG Washer Dryer Combo

Size – Some LG Washer Dryer combo have a load capacity of up to 10kg, an attractive option for those who wash large loads of clothes weekly. This saves on time and money as more laundry is done in less time.

Results – LG washer dryers are known to clean exceptionally well, they remove stains without the need for additional stain removal products or use a pre wash cycle. They can also spin up to 1400rpm resulting in almost dry laundry which further reduces the drying time.

Energy rating – LG Washer Dryer combo has an A wash and spin efficiency rating with a B energy rating.

Innovation – LG is the pioneer of the 1st Steam Washer Dryer and the allergiene cycle which is proven to eliminate allergens using hot steam. The steam wash is known to reduce wrinkles in clothes and whitens whites without bleaching agents. It also reduces water consumption and saves on energy.

Wash cycles – The appliance has several preset wash cycles including cycles for towels, delicates, and hand wash to ensure maximum clean without damaging the clothes. Users also have the advantage of adding on other wash cycles as needed. There is also a variety of temperature settings for drying too.

Ease of use – LG Washer Dryers are easy to operate and include the option to wash and dry in one cycle. Wash cycles can be completed in as little as 35 minutes with no compromise on results. Its digital display allows users to know each stage of the cycle and the delay timer allows a preset wash up to 19 hours in advance.

Choosing a LG Washer Dryer combo will benefit most households. With the help of Washing Machine Wizard, you will be able to determine how you can benefit from a LG product and other accessories to help you with your weekly laundry.

Washing Machine Wizard is the best place to visit for vital information on LG Washer Dryer and other brands’ Washer Dryer combos, single washing units and other aids to make laundry chores easier, cheaper and better.

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