Tips on Finding the Perfect Prom Dress


Finding the perfect dress for any special occasion can be a challenge. But, finding that one of a kind prom dress that fits like a glove and matches the night you’ve been dreaming of since the first day of high school can be an especially daunting task.

If you want to find a prom dress that lives up to your expectations, you’d better get started early.

There’s nothing like waiting until the last minute, ripping through what’s left at your local mall, and walking away with a disappointing prom pick. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your ensemble, it’s going to show.

This is one night you want to feel confident and look great. And it will be here before you know it.

Will you be ready when your big day arrives?

Read on for tips on finding the prom dress that’s perfect for you!

5 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Prom Dress

1. Shop for Styles that Flatter Your Figure

One of the biggest mistakes that girls make when shopping for a prom dress is choosing a style that doesn’t match their body type. A dress that looks beautiful on the rack, and great on your best friend, can still be a style disaster for you.

Know what looks best on your figure before you hit the racks. These shape-conscious pointers will keep you focused on the dresses that flatter you most so you won’t waste time on those that don’t:

If you’re blessed with a booty-full body type, with wider hips and not so much up top, avoid dresses that accentuate your bottom half.

What to steer clear of? Drop waist and straight dresses. The line at the waist will add inches and a straight design that fits your top might pull at the waist and hug hips too tightly.

Instead, try a two tone dress that’s top half is a blousy, silk material in a sherbet shade (think light peach, or pale blue) and a high waisted dark (a la pencil skirt) on your bottom half. Glam, sexy, and figure fabulous.

  • Curvy Body Type

If you’ve spent years hiding your curves in baggy, dark oversized clothing, prom night is the time to shed your fears and the extra fabric and shine like the star you are.

Just because you don’t shop in the petite section doesn’t mean you should hide behind gobs of bulky fabric. Although, might we add, too much skin looks cheap and inappropriate on any figure.

A fitted waist, sweetheart neckline, and long satin gloves are a few ways to add some oomph to your prom look, without adding the appearance of extra inches. Also, look for fabrics sans spandex and avoid ruched fashions.

  • Athletic Bods

Strong gymnast body types can have a tendency to come off looking tomboyish in straight sheathed dresses that many magazines tout as a go to timeless style.

This isn’t the time to blend in. Stand out in feminine prints, gathered waists, flowy skirts, and those decadent detailed cut-out designs. They don’t look great on every body, but they look smashing on you.

  • Tall and Slim Shapes

You lucky girl, you.

You’ve got the body that models are made of. But, those sassy and sexy strapless numbers? Not so much.

We know it’s tempting, but avoid the straight strapless neckline if possible. These flatten the chest. If you must go strapless, match it with a ballerina cut, full skirted bottom half.

Or, skip strapless altogether and try a push-up wired bodice with skinny straps or a sequined dazzling top portion for a little extra boost up top. Or go for draped backless elegance or a mermaid shaped dress that no other body type can work quite like you.

2. Express Yourself in a Color-full Design

The color you wear can be worth more than words, so make sure the color you’re wearing sends the right message.

Look for unique, bold colors to really shine on prom night. Bold, dark hues are not as typical as black but just as shape-savvy.

3. Go Glam

This is the night that you can live out all of your dress up fantasies from childhood. And this year, glam is where it’s at.

Don’t be afraid of daring to wear red (it’s a shade that can look great on anyone). And, go all out with over the top glitz. After all, it’s not everyday that you can channel your inner Marilyn Monroe.

4. Be Different. But Be You.

Who wants to look unoriginal on prom night? No one. But, local department stores often carry styles so similar that you can easily fall into line with the looks everyone else is wearing.

Instead, go online and check out off the beaten path boutiques. Let your creative flag fly high on prom night.

Just don’t get so carried away being different that you forget to be try to you. Sure, no one else might be wearing fuschia florals, but that doesn’t mean you should, either.

Don’t know where to start?

Check out this year’s hottest prom dress trends and soak up plenty of dream dress inspiration here!

5. It’s Not All About the Dress

Your prom dress may be the main dish of the night, but without savory sides even the best dresses can fall flat.

Shoes should be beautiful, but comfortable enough that you can dance the night away if you choose. Go for hot, fashionable footwear that you can walk in without toppling over.

See through pumps are sexy even without a six inch heel. And strappy silver, gold, or sequin shoes are dazzling at any height.

Also, be sure to bring out your best with the right make up pallette. Choose one or two trends to play up your best features (smoky, smoldering eyes, a full, glossy pout, or dew-kissed rosy cheeks).

And, last but not least, use thoughtfully planned accessories to boost your style factor. Dangling shoulder dusting earrings, bangle bracelets, and a simple, satin clutch are just a few accessory trends that we love.

Get Shopping!

Get a jump start on shopping and avoid a last minute dash to find your perfect prom dress. Your much more likely to find a dress you love if you give yourself plenty of time to get something that looks great on you.

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