Treatments For A Moldy Washing Machine

By Alan Cassidy

Molds can appear in your washer in just a short period of time. Many people who have inadvertently forgotten to remove their moist clothes in the washing machine found themselves plagued by this problem. Moldy washer is actually a very serious problem. These micro organisms can make your laundry appliance and your whole house smell moldy. They can also clog the drain of the machine.

I checked out some of the best treatments that can help solve moldy washing machine problems. Here are some of the treatments you would want to use:

1. Smelly Washer 212 Washer Cleaner

If you are looking for a product that you can easily use to eliminate bad odor, you can try this product from Smelly Washer. It can be used for any type of laundry appliance. What is great about this cleaner is that it can also help reduce the moldy odor of your garments. If you washed thick towels and bed linens and you have forgotten to hang them up quickly, you can re-wash them with the help of this cleaner. You don’t have to use a lengthy cleaning cycle once again to remove the odor.

Just use the cap of the bottle to measure the amount of Smelly washer you are going to use. One cap can be added to a quick rinse cycle.

2. Vinegar

Good old vinegar can help dissolve molds and can get rid of the smell. It even works for hardened minerals. Add one cup of distilled white vinegar to an empty water cycle. It actually helps loosen up molds so your washer can easily wash them out.

3. Lemon juice

Do you want your washer to smell citrusy? You can try using lemon juice. Just like vinegar, it can also help dissolve molds and mildew. It can even work in removing hardened minerals. Just add one cup of lemon juice to an empty laundry cycle. Let the machine work in draining molds.

4. Whirlpool W10135699 Affresh High Efficiency Washer Cleaner

You can add the foaming tablet to an empty water cycle. It will slowly fizz away to get rid of detergent residues, molds and mildew. It helps freshen up the interior of your laundry appliance. This is a great cleaner because it actually gets down to the root of the problem. It gets rid of the detergent not properly dissolved by your cleaning machine.

Use these treatments the next time you have to deal with moldy washing machine problems.

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