Washer Dryer Combination – 3 Things You Need to Know

By Gary Materra 

When people hear about the washer dryer combination for the first time, they are often surprised to find it exists, and they have a lot of questions about it. They want to know, among other things, what it can do for them, how expensive it is to operate, and if they can trust it to be dependable.

The washer dryer combination can free you from being tied to laundry rooms.

Many people really dislike having to lug their laundry to public laundromats or to the laundry room of their apartment complex. These places are often dirty or crowded, with machines that may not work when you put your money in. Plus there’s the extra time and effort to get there and back. This appliance gives you another option. It’s small enough to stick in a corner somewhere, then roll it over and attach to your kitchen faucet when you’re ready.

The washer dryer combination uses less energy.

Virtually all of the combo washer dryers are Energy Star Certified. They use much less energy than standard washers and dryers because they have to. They can’t depend on a high voltage dedicated outlet, they have to work off a regular home outlet. They also don’t depend on very hot air being forced through the clothes to the outside through a vent, which takes a lot of energy. Plus they use 60%+ less water!

Washer dryer combination units are now being installed in high-end apartments as an added amenity.

These combo units are becoming mainstream enough that contractors are installing them in luxury apartment complexes. It’s a win-win for them because it saves the builder the hassle of laundry rooms, isn’t a big design change to add to the apartments, and adds to the appeal for the customer. The same is happening for luxury RV’s as well. This is confirmation that the combination laundry unit has gained industry recognition as a dependable option.

The all in one laundry appliance is becoming mainstream, and people can be confident that it will work well for them, not cost a lot to operate, and allow them to do laundry in the comfort of their own residence. But there’s even more to learn about them…

The washer dryer combination has actually long been popular in parts of Europe and Asia. Learn more about these cool units and how people use them. As a bonus, see what the best kind of washer dryer combination [http://www.washerdryercombounit.org] is and where to get it at a great price and with dependable delivery!

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