Washer Dryer Set

Washer Dryer Set vs. Combo Units

For your information, a washer dryer set has a different capacity for washing and drying. It happens because a very make sense reason. When you are washing your laundry, the machine will pack your clothes tightly for washing. When it comes to drying, the machine needs plenty of space so the air could circulate freely. Since a combo unit should do both tasks in the same place, the drying capacity is typically half of the washing.

washer dryer set

You do not want to fill your washing machine a full load because you need to dry the laundry in two batches. It is not a convenient thing for sure considering it may take up to 7 hours in certain cases. This is why if you want to get the most effective laundry time by using a combo unit, you need to wash half of the machine capacity.

Having a combo unit is not that bad after all. When space is your main concern while you do not want to give your clothes to the laundry service or go to the laundry center, a combo machine will save you big time. However, if space is not your main concern then a washer dryer set is not something arguable