Washing Machine Cleaner

Recommended Washing Machine Cleaner for a Hygiene and Fresh Washing Machine

The way you choose a washing machine cleaner decides the result. That’s why you have to choose the best cleaner so you can see the great result without any bad side effects on the washing machine. The list below is the best washing machine cleaner you can use.

Affresh Washer Cleaner

Most people are using Affresh washer cleaner because of its easiness and effectivity to remove residues. You don’t have to use additional tools to clean the inside part of your beloved washing machine. Just pour the washer cleaner and let the washing cycle helps the rest of the process. That’s it! Your washing machine is clean and looks like a new in a simple and fast way. This cleaner is effective to remove residues, grime, and even bad odor. You just need to use the product once a month regularly and you will always use a clean washing machine.

Smelly Washer

You can also choose Smelly Washer as your best washing machine cleaner due to its effectiveness. Just like Affresh washer cleaner, Smelly Washer is also easy to use by only pouring the product to the washer. Then, let the washing cycle helps to clean the sticky residues or grime. This product is also a good option to remove bad odor in your washing machine. For a more effective result, you may pause the washing cycle for a few minutes or an hour. Then, let the machine finish the washing cycle and you can’t smell the bad odor anymore.


Excelsior is the next washing machine cleaner you may try. This product is offered in a 250ml bottle package. The small package keeps you easy to bring and use it anytime you want. Excelsior is formulated with specific compounds which can remove any kind of residues including sticky soap residue. The bad odor is always a problem for those who use a washer regularly. The product is able to overcome the bad odor in the simplest way. Just pour the cleaner and let the compounds work to remove the bad odor. The most important, the product is made of natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. It is a save washing machine cleaner because it doesn’t use phosphate and solvent. At the same time, you are about to use a product with a biodegradable formula to keep your washer clean and hygiene.


Glisten washing cleaner from Summit Brands is also an effective product to clean your beloved washing machine. The manufacturer is not only offering one but two packs in once. The best part of the cleaner is because the compounds are formulated to remove specific problems such as escherichia coli, salmonella choleraesuis, iron soap scum, and grease around the washer. As the result, you can keep the clothes hygiene and the health of the entire family. The final achievement of the product is that you have not only a clean washing machine but also a fresh washing machine. This washing machine cleaner boosts your spirit to wash any dirty clothes because you know exactly the result. Indeed, you will have a hygiene washing machine anytime you want.  

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