Washing Machine Cleaners

Cleaning Washing Machine Without Washing Machine Cleaner

Broadly speaking, washing machines are divided into three types, namely type two tubes, top-loading, and front-loading. Washing machine cleaners can usually only be used limited to certain types of washing machines. So, please check your washing machine type and choose the appropriate cleaning product. Even for cleaning products that are compatible with all types of washing machines, their use will be different for each type of washing machine. If you make a mistake using it, the washing machine can be damaged or the cleaning product may overflow. So, make sure to obey the rules of their use.

Chlorine-based products for cleaning every month

Chlorine-based washing machine cleaners have a high sterilizing effect and are a good type for removing and dissolving impurities. This type is very suitable for you who use the frequency of cleaning every 1-2 months to keep the washing machine clean. This type will suppress bacterial growth so that you don’t have to worry about the smell of clothes being dried in the room, for example during the rainy season. However, chlorine odors such as odors in swimming pools must have arisen from the use of this type of cleaner. If you want to clean your washing machine often without worrying about smells, you should choose a cleaner that uses the basic ingredients of a clamshell instead of chlorine. Although this kind of product has no direct effect, you can clean the washing machine every day and can be used very easily.

Oxygen-based products for cleaning every six months For washing machines with dirt that has accumulated, use oxygen-based cleaning products. This type can relax the dirt because it has alkaline properties and shed the loose dirt with its ability to produce foam. That way, sticky stains can be completely removed. This type of product is very effective for those of you who clean the washing machine for about six months. Because it hardly emits an odor like chlorine-based products, this type is suitable for you who want to be free to use it without worrying about the smell. If you have enough time, please choose a cleanser that can be allowed to sit and soak during use. The ingredients of this cleanser will spread throughout the washing machine so that it is effective in removing impurities that cannot be cleaned easily. For those of you who are busy and don’t have much time to clean the washing machine, choose products that don’t need to be soaked or that don’t take much time to use. This type of product usually has a high level of detergent so that the risk of damaging the washing machine if immersed for a long time. Those are two things that could replace the washing machine cleaner as a cleaner.