Washing Machine Cleaning Ideas

Things that We Can Do to Clean Washing Machine

Everything that we have needs to be cleaned because we use it a lot and it will get dirty. One thing that most people have nowadays  is washing machine. Even the name is “washing machine” it can not wash itself and it is not always clean. People who have a washing machine must clean it sometimes. Here are some washing machine cleaning ideas that people can do to keep the washing machine clean : 

  1. Take out the clothes once it is done being washed as soon as possible. 

This is such an easy washing machine cleaning ideas that people can do because leaving the wet clothes inside the washing machine for hours can make the fungus grow in the washing machine. It also will make the washing machine smell not good. Once the washing is done, hang the clothes as soon as possible.

  • Let the door of washing machine always open.

After finishing the washing, people do not need to close its doors. When people close its door, it will make its inside became humid and once it gets humid, the fungus will grow perfectly there. Keeping the door open will make the water that is left evaporate

  • Make sure the storage of the machine is always dry

There is a type of washing machine that has storage to pour the detergent. People who have that type of washing machine is advised to take out the storage of detergent every time it is wet and put it back once it gets dry

  • Pour a liter of whitening to clean the body of the machine

We do not need to do it all the time, only when we notice that the inside of the machine gets dirty. We just need to pour a liter of whitening and some hot water then turn it on like we are about to wash clothes

  • Always clean the detergent’s storage after finishing the washing

Sometimes there is still a little detergent left in the storage, if we always leave it like that, the storage of the detergent will easier to get crust and rust. Wash the storage and put it out to get dry then once it gets dry put it back

  • Use vinegar and baking soda to clean it
washing machine cleaning ideas

Another washing machine cleaning ideas that people can do is this one. We can use the vinegar and baking soda to clean the tube of the machine, just pour a cup of vinegar and a cup of baking soda then add hot water. After that turn it on like we are about to wash the clothes as usual. It is indeed important to clean the washing machine sometimes. Knowing some washing machine cleaning ideas and doing a cleaning for a washing machine at least once a month will give us a better result of washing. There is one more benefit that we can get if we do a cleaning, which is the washing machine will last longer than the machine that does not get cleaned at all.