Washing Machine

The Ultimate Guide on Buying a New Washing Machine

washing machine

A washing machine is one of the common appliances in the home. Without this unit, you might be doing tons of housework even harder today. However, there are things to consider before you decide to purchase a certain type. In this article, we will give you a guide to buying a new washer.

The Types

When it comes to a washing machine, the installation can be touted as the prime factor. You also need to consider the available room in your house. For example, an apartment would do well with a washer-dryer combo unit. The type of your machine will also determine the bill you should pay monthly.

The Capacity and Physical Size

Other than the physical size that closely related to the type, you need to consider the washer capacity. For example, if you are a family with kids then you will need a washer with big capacity. You better talk to the staff to get the best one according to your needs in the first place.


As we have mentioned earlier, purchasing a washer will have something to do with the installation. Some washers require plumbing installation. If your home does not support a washer installation without modifying the existing plumbing, you need to consult an expert in the first place. You should also make sure about the utility hookups.

Top-Load or Front-Load

Traditionally, a top-loading washer is much more comfortable yet cheaper. Today, both top-loading and front-loading machines provide high-efficiency washers. Even though it costs more, it saves energy and water at the same time. However, you will need to invest in low-sudsing HE detergent if you want this type of washer in your home.

Energy Ratings

Unless you purchase a high-efficiency washer, you should consider the energy ratings in the first place. It will affect your electricity bill every month. If you are not sure about the type you will buy, you can consult the staff and you can just tell the staff about what you need and what you want. EnergyStar-rated machines give the best energy efficiency units.


Top-loading machines commonly have fewer washing cycles compared to models with high-efficiency features. Front-loaders are touted to wash clothes better and more effective compared to the sibling. However, the washing cycle is kind of longer. You should pay attention to the option of the water level and water temperature settings. The best washing machine is the one that could serve you well.

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