What Is A Top Load Washer

What is a Top Load Washer?

what is a top load washer

What is a top load washer? Well, top load washing machines become more popular from time to time. It is also touted to be less expensive than the front loader washing machines. Generally, there are two types of a top-loading machine.

The first one is the standard washing machine that comes with a center agitator. It is equipped with paddles to clean the clothes effectively. It helps the water and detergent penetrate deeply into the fabric so it cleans the soil strongly. The center agitator is only available for washing machines in Australia, Canada, and the United States. Meanwhile, Asia only uses an impeller agitator.

The second type is the high-efficiency washing machine. It is like a front loader machine in general but with the top-loading style. The top load is liftable and it only uses a half amount of water compared to the standard top loader washing machines. This model rarely traps the soil and moisture which could lead to odors inside the tub. It also reduces the wear and tear when it comes to mechanical operation. Both styles have a mechanical system and control system. So, this is the end section of “what is a top load washer”.