What To Clean Washing Machine With

Easy Tips: What to Clean Washing Machine with Vinegar

Have you ever thought about making your washing machine clean again? Maybe you are confused looking for products that will make your machine clean again as before. However, did you know that you can clean it traditionally using materials that are easily found without buying washing machine products? Yeah! You can use vinegar to clean it. In this way, I will share with you what to clean washing machine with vinegar. Of course, vinegar will be able to make your machine free of bacteria and fungi. By using the right method, I believe that you can make it clean again and you can wash your clothes effectively.

  1. Set the washing machine to the hottest temperature

To clean your washing machine, the first step what to clean  washing machine with vinegar is run your machine at the hottest temperature.

  • Add about three to three cups of vinegar to your washing machine

After you successfully set it to the hottest temperature, you can open your it. Make sure that your washing machine is working or running. Pour about 1000 ml of vinegar in it.

  • Pour baking soda into the water

To get it cleaner, you can add baking soda and add as much as 1 cup baking soda or about 200 ml filled with water.

  • Close the washing machine cover

After you add vinegar and baking soda, close your machine and let it work for 3 to 5 minutes. When you let your machine work and operate, vinegar and baking soda will be able to quickly clean the dirt inside your washing machine.

  • Leave the washing machine about 1 hour

The last step what to clean washing machine with vinegar is you can leave for about 1 hour to help vinegar and baking soda clean it.

  • Clean the outside of the washing machine by rubbing the outside of your washing machine

You can use a clean cloth or maybe you can also clean using lime to make the outside of your machine shiny. Spray the machine cleaner on a cloth and then wipe it to make it cleaner.

  • Wipe the inside of your machine

After finishing cleaning the outside and your washing machine has stopped working, you can open the lid and wipe the inside of your washing machine using a dry cloth.

How? Is it easy to clean the washing machine using vinegar? If you are interested in this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends.